place2beer at drinktec 2022

When: September 12–16, 2022

Where: Hall A6

The place2beer has meanwhile developed into THE meeting place for the beverage industry at drinktec.

Numerous presentations on beer, distillates, water and juice give visitors an overview of current trends in the beverage industry, but also on traditional beverages, reinterpreted.

The partner event oils+fats will also be present with daily edible oil tastings.


At place2beer, German brewing training institutions will provide an insight into their training programs, but also on the study environment at their institutions.

A view over the edge of the plate, or much more over the big pond, is provided by the presentation of the Brewers Association, which gives an insight into the current American market and the development there.

Tasting is clearly in the foreground at place2beer. Interesting lectures are rounded off by guided tastings of the respective beverages.

Please find the slots within the schedule.

Highlights and key topics

Water—the most consumed beverage in the world and yet so little considered. Learn more about the differences in mineral waters that even the layman can recognize. Be fascinated by the possibilities that the right choice of water opens up when dining.

Distillates have experienced a furious rise in recent years. Not only gin, which went from a poor man's drink to THE in drink of the last 10 years, but distillates based on grains are also on vogue. At place2beer, learn more about the history of distillates, the opportunities distillates offer for your business, and discover the wonderful world of high-proof spirits at the tasting afterwards!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away—Hardly any beverage is ascribed more positive health aspects than juice. Regardless of whether it is fruit or vegetable juice. But juice is not only healthy, it is also exciting! Pure, as a spritzer, as a mixed drink or in alcoholic cocktails, juice is an absolute all-rounder that reveals an almost immeasurable field of flavors. In addition to interesting insights into the market around juices, you can also try unusual variants in the tasting.

No place2beer without beer—selected speakers will show you how to perceive, taste, enjoy and judge beer. In addition to the newly crowned beer sommelier world champion, who will present a beer from the final round of the world championship on Monday, brewers will give you insights into their breweries and, of course, their creations. In addition, you can look across the Alps to our neighbors. Exciting Italian Grape Ales will be presented to us from Italy.

Admittedly, oil is not exactly a classic drink, but it should not be missing in any kitchen and, above all, in any healthy diet plan. In addition to the well-known and popular olive oil, there are a variety of alternatives that are produced in decentralized oil mills from regionally grown oilseeds and can enrich any recipe. Immerse yourself in the sensory world of liquid gold and get to know lesser-known varieties from your region.

The topic of sustainability will also be on the agenda at place2beer. The European Beer Star will be presenting its newly created Future Award live at place2beer. The European Beer Star Future Award honors dedicated breweries for their business activities in accordance with the pillars of sustainability—ecology, economy, social and cultural. Breweries that also manage to combine their sustainable corporate culture with top beer quality can ap-ply for the Future Award.

The topic of sustainability will be complemented by a panel discussion on the future of the returnable system in breweries as well as specialist presentations.


Cooperation partner

The drinktec place2beer is held in cooperation with Doemens Academy.

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