drinktec Inspiration Hubs—drinktec 2022

When: September 12–16, 2022

Where: Halls A3 and C6

After the forum presentations by our top-class exhibitors proved so popular in 2017, we will be offering two Inspiration Hubs this year at drinktec 2022. There, our exhibitors will present their best-case studies on the 4 key themes of drinktec. Experience exciting solutions and innovations to all questions of the industry.

These topics drive the industry

  • Digital Solutions & Digital Transformation
  • Water & Water Management
  • Consumer World & Product Design
  • Sustainable Production & Sustainable Packaging


Topics overview

Digital Solutions & Digital Transformation

Advantage Digitization for Breweries: Die Digitalisierung bietet große Möglichkeiten für den Brauprozess und die Fermentation. Zusätzlich dazu wird mit Hilfe der Automatisierung der Batchproduktion die hohe Flexibilität der modernen Brauerei unterstützt.

Process Automation & Line Monitoring: Automatisierung und Plattformlösungen helfen dabei, effiziente und transparente Produktionsbedingungen zu schaffen. Das Entwicklungspotenzial reicht von Rezeptkontrolle bis hin zur Echtzeitüberwachung von Maschinen und Produktionslinien.

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Water & Water Management

Cleaning & Disinfection of Lines: Safe production, verifiable cleaning processes and standardised procedures are part of the daily routine in the production line. How can plant cleaning become even more effective - an important question for all beverage and liquid food manufacturers worldwide.

Water Saving & Reuse: Water is the key ingredient for all beverages. This is why it is even more important to use water sparingly as product and process water. Current solutions show where and how water can be saved.

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Consumer World & Product Design

New Ingredients for Product Development: Wellness is constantly a topic and healthy beverage ingredients are part of the new beverage creations. New impulses for trend drinks are stimulating the market.

Brand Development und Customer Experiences: New strategies for winning customers - this is an important issue for all those involved in the value chain of the beverage and liquid food industry. Whether in the development of new packaging or in the development of new products.

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Sustainable Production & Sustainable Packaging

Circular Beverage Packaging: This starts with quality issues for the use of recycled PET, extends to questions about how labels can meet the requirements of recycling systems, to topics around the potential of paper-based packaging or solutions for bottle-to-bottle recycling.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is an important factor for sustainable production in numerous process steps. Looking at individual components is just as important as the question of energy-efficient process steps.

Supply Chain: The sustainability of the supply chain - from raw materials to packaging materials – is an important issue in determining emissions and in the question of environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Filling & Packaging Lines: What is the best way to achieve hygienic and sustainable filling and packaging? The use of sterilisation media and consumption values are just two keywords when it comes to raising beverage filling to a high level of sustainability.

Sustainability in Breweries: There are numerous options for the use of sustainable technologies in beer production. The examples of the presentations range from modernisation measures in the malt house to energy savings in beer cooling in gastronomy.

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