World Cup for Beer Sommeliers

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Where: North Entrance
When: September 10, 2017

For several years now, beer sommeliers have been establishing themselves in the beer industry to promote the culture, consumption and our knowledge of beer. Beer sommeliers are recognized and highly regarded ambassadors of beer. So it comes as little surprise that the number of beer sommeliers has increased steadily in recent years.

A beer sommelier's duties are quite diverse: If the sommeliers work at a restaurant, they write the beer menu, advise the chef about dishes that include beer and are in charge of purchasing beer. In short, they do everything necessary to improve the quality of the beer that is served there and to enhance the beer's positive image. Since 2009, these special skills have been honored in the form of a World Cup competition organized by the Doemens Akademie.

World Cup for Beer Sommeliers

Once again, a competition is being held in 2017 to crown a new champion from the more than 2,000 beer sommeliers—this time just prior to drinktec in Munich.

More than 50 beer sommeliers from various nations have been invited to put their skills and knowledge to the test. The participants' know-how in various disciplines will be tested and evaluated.

All participants have completed their training as beer sommeliers at the Doemens Akademie or at an authorized Doemens partner facility abroad or are members of the Sommelier Union.

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The participants' know-how in various disciplines is tested and evaluated. In the qualifying round (the "Preliminaries"), multiple-choice tests are used to evaluate knowledge of basic theoretical principles about beer, and sensory tests are used to evaluate their ability to recognize beer types and flavors. In the semifinals, the top twelve participants must make a sensory presentation about a select beer and compete in direct comparison with another participant.

The top six participants will then appear before a panel of prominent judges in the finals. Each finalist must convince the judges of his knowledge of all topics that pertain to beer. Whoever does the best job of presenting the message of beer culture and diversity will be crowned the new World Champion Beer Sommelier.

The jury

The jury is a first-rate, independent committee of well-known and experienced beer experts and beer sommeliers from around the world. They are:

  • Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl, Managing Director of the Doemens Akademie and "spiritual father" of the Beer Sommelier Training Course
  • Petra Westphal, Exhibition Director, drinktec, Messe München
  • Dr. Christina Schönberger, Technical Sales Joh. Barth & Sohn
  • Johannes Einzenberger, Dipl. Sommelier and owner of a wine retail company
  • Cilene Saorin, Master Brewer and Beer Sommelier
  • Christoph Kämpf, Beer Sommelier and Managing Director, Karmeliten Brauerei
  • Simonmattia Riva, Beer Sommelier World Champion 2015


This event is organized by Doemens Akademie, Initiator: Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl.


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