drinktec Innovation Guide

drinktec is the platform for world premieres and new developments. As an exhibitor, you know that and you present your innovations here.

To ensure that visitors are aware of your innovations and can experience them live at your stand, drinktec offers an Innovation Guide.

Our objective: To market your innovations as effectively as possible—and in doing so, make your exhibit an even greater success.

Publication: only on site for the visitors of drinktec 2022

The principle of the Innovation Guide: Innovation entries are visible exclusively to users who are in the halls.

Advantages for your customers, the visitors

  • Innovative strength at its best: Thanks to your innovation entries, visitors at the fair are informed about innovative solutions for their applications via smartphone—and can experience them directly at your stand.
  • Before the fair begins, an "innovation icon" appears in the online catalog, indicating that you have an innovation on display at your stand.
  • Exclusively for visitors: Only visitors who are actually there in person can profit from this offer.


Your advantage: Make your innovative strength something they can experience!

  • drinktec is the platform for innovations and world premieres.
  • Call drinktec visitors' attention to the innovation(s) that you are exhibiting at your stand!
  • And increase the number of visitors at your stand by doing so!

How the Innovation Guide works

1. Enter innovations

As an exhibitor, you enter the innovations that will be on display at drinktec.

2. Live at the fair, exclusively for visitors

Only those who enter the halls can view your innovation entry and then experience it directly at your stand.

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